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How to Use Geostickers Feature in Instagram: [Quick Guide/How to]

How to Use Geostickers Feature in Instagram: [Quick Guide/How to]
Instagram got the cool new feature called, Geostickers to add some more aliments in the photo while editing them using the Instagram app.

If you are not aware of this news, then here is what all you need to know about this update.

The company released new update for Android users with new GeoStickers feature.

Follow the below steps to

Once you have snap of yours or a video, tap on the sticker icon in the upper right and corner.

You will get the related geostickers of your location will appear at the top of the sticker list.

Just like other stickers, these can be moved and resized to help design the perfect image to share.

You're Done!!

It's too simple, These new special Geostickers features will help you to customize the photo in the new way.

Now go, and capture use as many of these stickers as you can. Find all the cool spots with the best stickers, and, while you are at it, tag @androidupdater with some of your images to we can see how you are doing.