Chrome v59 Beta Apk Update New Payment Apps and Security Improvements

Chrome v59 Beta Apk Update New Payment Apps and Security Improvements

Google Chrome, Android app got a new update with new payment options and security related changes to decrease the risk factor from the app. Do find the full APK hands-on of this update below.

APK Change-log:
  • Stability and Performance Fixes (APKMirror)
  • The Developers added some new payment apps
  • Animated PNG Support
Above changes we found from APkmirror and AndroidPolice. Below APK hands-on is based on our view. You can also explore the APK file by yourself or you can share your reviews about this APK by commenting below.

1: Animated PNG Support:  As we all know that Animated GIF take too much load in the website and can slow webpages. Twitter and other top sites like imgur, gfycat are converting uploaded GIF to HTML5 videos. Which is the best way to reduce the page load.

But GIFs still manage to stick around, partially because they are so universally supported. Several file formats were developed to replace GIFs, including Animated PNG and Animated WebP, but none of them have gained enough traction for sites to switch.

Google has finally changed the GIF support in Today's Chrome update. The new update support Animated PNG in the Chrome app.

Download the APK file of this update from the link at the bottom of this post.

2 Added new Payment apps: Google added new PaymentRequest API to the Chroe which allow users to pay for items online with browser support payment app.

Chrome 59 moved one step ahead with any payment app support for Android users.

Note: Payment application has to be updated to work with the new API.

3: Improvements in Security options:

Google has disabled some of the security risks in Chrome 59. To protect the users and to improve the app security, Google made some major changes in the Chrome app.

Today's app have some similar changes like Chrome 62, which are related to htttp and https web pages.

Chrome 59 doesn't have support for embedding content from FTP servers on web pages.

If you're not familiar with HTML, you might not know about the <iframe> tag. iFrames allow web pages to embed other pages - this is commonly used for web advertisements. Starting with Chrome 59, iFrames will no longer be able to create notifications.

That's It Do find the link to download the APK file below.

Click on the Below link to download the APK file of Chrome 59.

Chrome v59. Beta APK

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