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Get Google's Fuchsia OS UI on Any Android Phone

Get Google's Fuchsia OS UI on Any Android Phone
Try out Google's new fuchsia OS User interface in any Android phone with this easy guide. I will teach you the full step by step tutorial to get Fuchsia OS UI in any Android phone.

Google has come up with Android and desktop support of FUCHSIA OS. Which will give you the complete new layout for your smartphones and desktop PC.

Do checkout the first view of the Fuchsia OS:

Now, Follow the below steps to get Fuchsia OS on your phone.

Step One:

Download The Fuchsia OS UI APk file and Install it. Go through the below link to start downloading the APK file.

Step Two:

Open the App once the APK is installed.

Step Three:

You Are Done!!

Now you can explore the Google's new experimental OS UI using this app. As the app is at the early stage of development so, you may face some issues in the app.

Share your thoughts about Google's new futuristic OS.