Google Assistant Can Help You Enjoy National Book Lovers Day

Google Assistant Can Help You Enjoy National Book Lovers Day
Happy National Book Lovers Day

Are you an Book Lover? Do you love to read Books in your phone? Is Yes, Google Assistant can help you to reach to your favorite books. Enjoy the national Book Lovers Day simply with the Google Assistant. Here how Google Assistant make your National Book Lovers Day Special.

 As we all know that Google Assistant is the most advanced Android feature which can help us in the numbers of areas. Here I have an quick idea to use Google Assistant to aid in the Enjoyment of National Book Lover Day. I found some useful Google Assistant Commands which can help you. Which include Assistant to open a book in your Google Play Books Library or to turn on the best music for reading.

“Adding a new book that you like to your shopping list can be done in a pretty vague manner, for starters – saying something like OK Google, add that new book about meditation to my shopping list will do the trick.”
You can also use Google Assistant to find something useful to enjoy reading books, & if you have Google and Your home is connected with it so you can also adjust the lighting and Audio system lever to as per your mood with the Google Assistant.
Or, you can also ask Google Assistant of the Location of your nearest Library if you want a real reading environment.

“If you would rather celebrate the date by creating instead of consuming, you could always just ask Google Assistant to take you to the nearest cafe so that you can settle into a booth with a nice latte to pen the world’s next great epic in true ironic fashion.”

So this is how Google Assistant can help you to celebrate or to make your favorite enviornment while reading any Book.

You just need to give the command to the Google Home or to Google assistant to make your day more interesting.

Thank You For Reading us.

Stay Tuned!! For more tips.
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