Enable WhatsApp's Delete Message Feature : You can Delete Messages On WhatsApp Likes Skype after you send them

Breaking News, Now you can delete or revoke your messages after you've sent them. The most popular Char app now enabling you to effectively take back what you've said and strike it from the record.

This is definitely a most useful feature to revoke our typo error messages or messages which we send by mistake.

Follow below steps to delete messages for all on WhatsApp :

  This steps will permanently delete a message sent to WhatsApp.
  • Select the message.
  • Click on the Delete menu item.
  • Select Delete for all. 
This feature you can perform only in 7 minutes from sending time. Once you perform the above action you will get the popup message "This message has been deleted". If the message is not deleted, you will not receive any notification message and, if you're not quick enough, the recipient may still see the message before it is deleted (a whole new WhatsApp-related anxiety to welcome to our lives).

Below is the screenshot of the delete for all message option :

Enable WhatsApp's Delete Message Feature : You can Delete Messages On WhatsApp after you send them : APK to Download

You can use this action to delete multiple messages photos, videos and GIFs.

Broadcast messages cannot be deleted, and your contact also need to have the latest version of the whatsapp for this action to work.

Here is the link of official announcement of this feature : WhatsApp

You can Download the Latest Whatsapp version with this feature from below link :


Below is the link to download Direct APK File

WhatsApp v2.17.395 Apk to download

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