Chrome's Latest Update now Automatically Cleans Up Junk from URLS : Chrome v64.3 APK

Chrome Now Automatically Cleans up Messy URLs When you Share Them

Chrome Now Automatically Cleans up Messy URLs When you Share Them

Chrome has got new update with cool new auto clean up feature. The app has been jumped up today to v64.0.3 with some cool useful features for the Android users.

Company added new auto URL Cleaning feature which will cleans up your messy urls automatically while you share them.

New feature will automatically clean the URL tracking and other junk characters from the URL. Which, You probably don't want when you share a link. As of v64, the browser trims off unnecessary strings at the end of URLs.

You need to use Chrome Share option from the menu to sreamline the URL automatically. After that you can simply copy the url to the clipboard or share it anywhere. Auto clean up feature won't work If you highlight the URL bar and select text manually.

We've noticed similar features in AMP pages so that sharing the content would share a usable URL. So basically Google is improving their search results and user experience with this kind of new features.

Else, we also noticed Chrome's URL trimming will even remove anchor tags that load a page to a specific location even while you manually copy URLs to avoid this feature.

"For example, the "Free" section of this sale roundup. Share that in Chrome v64 or higher, and it just loads the top of the page. That could be a bit annoying. More often than not, though, this feature is probably going to be incredibly handy."

Go through the below link to download the APK file

Chrome v64.3 APk