Google App v8.55.5 APK Update to Download : Enhanced Google Lens Integration

Google App v8.55.5 APK Update to Download : Enhanced Google Lens Integration
Download the latest apk update of Google App here, We have the Google App v8.55.5 APK update in this post. Below is the app notes and APk details of this update.

App Notes : 

As we've seen before, not all updates to the Google app haves something worth remarking on. Version 8.55 lands squarely in that territory with many minor rephrasings and a lot of similar text that doesn't speak to any new or improved features. It's really not worth dragging our readers in just for some cheap page views. However, there is one bit that was at least a little amusing.

Google Lens is hiring

It looks like the Google Lens team is looking to bring a few more people into the circle. A promotional messages shown to other Googlers includes the words, "We're hiring!" The purpose is quite obviously aimed at cannibalizing developers from other teams. From what I'm told, this isn't an uncommon practice within the company, but it's fairly rare that messaging like this materializes right inside of an app.

Follow-up: Shared collections

Last week, we discussed an upcoming feature that will allow users to share their collections with other people. There's nothing substantial here, but there is now a title for a screen that will list all of the collections that have been shared with you. At least this offers a bit more insight into the experience of looking at collections from other people.

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Google App v8.55 APK
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